How to hire a PA and what to think about

How to hire a PA and what to think about

There are two ways to hire a Personal Assistant

Becoming an EMPLOYER

You can decide what services you need, how many hours a week you require the services and what rate of pay that you are going to offer. You will need to work out what the employer NI is, what the pension requirement might be, and make allowances for holiday pay. You will also require employers liability insurance. You can then advertise the job you have available, interview the applicants and make your choice of assistant.

The way to advertise your job to PA's on the Support with Confidence register is

  • identify PA's on the register who offer services and are advertising vacancies
  • Telephone or email suitable PA's and tell them about the job you are offering
  • Interview candidates
  • Select the candidate you want and register them as your employee at HMRC


Hiring a self-employed worker

You can decide what services you need and how many hours a week or month you require those services. You may then consult the directory of PA’s and get in contact with a PA either on the telephone, by email or through the Support With Confidence office. The PA will tell you what rate they will charge, you can interview the PA first and then decide if you wish to engage the PA.

NOTE: The majority of PA’s choose to be self-employed and set their own rates of pay. Self-employed PA’s do tend to set higher rates than employers would set BUT there is no liability on the employer to pay NI or pension payments, or be responsible for holiday or sick pay.

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