Support with Confidence & Personal Assistants at Home

Whether you get financial help to pay for your care, or you buy services privately, both the Support With Confidence and Personal Assistants at Home scheme will help you find a wide range of care and support services that you can trust – from people and organisations that have been vetted and approved on grounds of quality, safety, and training. 

So what is the difference between the two schemes? The ‘Support with Confidence’ scheme is an initiative for the accreditation of Personal Assistants which has been operating in the Bracknell Forest Council area, run by Action for People for 13 years. It is synonymous with the accreditation of self-employed PAs. However, over the last 13 years the employment requirements of PAs and Clients has become more defined. Whereas in the past the majority of PAs were self-employed, now many PAs seek greater job security, want to be employed, or prefer the security of being employed by their own company so that they can prove their ’employed’ status for financial reasons such as financing equipment or proving income status for a mortgage. 

Clients are also becoming more aware of their potential responsibilities and shy away from becoming ‘Employers’, especially if they are older in years or too ill to manage the process. Personal Assistants at Home has been formed to support three different engagement types for PAs, Employed, Self-Employed, and Employed through their own Personal Service Company. 

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