Self Employed Personal Assistant

A PA who is self-employed can offer a range of different services and sets the price for the various elements of the services offered which can vary e.g. services such as manual handling or personal care will be charged at a higher rate than services such as cleaning or shopping.

A PA who chooses to be self-employed must undertake to pay their own tax and NI. The PA will not be entitled to sick pay or holiday pay.

All self-employed PA’s are required to enter into a service contract with their clients to ensure that they will be given reasonable notice if the client wishes to cancel the service. 

Self-employed PAs must comply with HMRC IR35 and prove they are self-employed which will usually require a PA to have multiple clients and to set their own work times. A client may require evidence that supports the PA self-employed status as a client could be inadvertently classed as an employer if a PA claimed they were employed and made a claim for sick pay or holiday pay.

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