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About the Support with Confidence Scheme

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What is the Scheme?
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What is the Scheme?

Changes to the national system have affected the way adults can get their social care. People can now choose from a range of options, which gives them more control over the type of assistance they can receive and the freedom to choose from whom they receive it.

People who use the Support with Confidence scheme may need help for a number of reasons either because they are getting older and not able to manage as well as when they were younger or they may have a physical disability, illness or learning disability. The Support With Confidence scheme exists to enable people looking for support make the most of this opportunity, whether they are funded by social care or privately. By providing a list of qualified personal assistants, it helps people find someone who can provide the support and care they need in order to continue living independently in their own homes.

This service offers more flexibility to those who need help, enabling them to use different combinations of services and businesses in their area to help live as independently as possible in their own homes for longer.

How does the scheme help?

Support With Confidence provides a list of approved providers of care and support services who have undergone the appropriate training and background checks.

The scheme helps those who are looking for support to select care and support providers and Personal Assistants in whom they can have confidence in terms of quality and safety.

The Support With Confidence scheme is run by Action for People in conjunction with Bracknell Forest Council and Trading Standards.

How does the scheme work?

We make checks on each provider’s background, their qualifications, experience,  and compliance with legal standards.

Approved scheme members are vetted and trained before they join. They agree to:

  • ensure that they and their staff [where appropriate] are properly trained for their work

  • respond promptly and appropriately to people who use the service who may have complaints

  • criminal records checks and clearance

  • provide references as part of their application

  • undertake any appropriate training.

Who can take part?

We are inviting applications from individuals and providers of care and support services delivered in the home or community.

This can include:

  • personal care

  • cleaning and housework

  • shopping services

  • meal preparation and service or cooking in the home

  • daytime opportunities, such as leisure and recreational activities

  • community and mobility equipment and adaptation services

  • home repair and maintenance

  • gardening

  • taxi or transport services

  • pet services

  • Independent Support Planners and Brokers (people who can help you plan, find and arrange your support)

  • any other care and support service provided in the home or community.

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