Being a Personal Assistant

Being a Personal Assistant

Being a Personal Assistant

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What is the role of the Personal Assistant?
Benefits of joining the scheme for Personal Assistants
How it works for Personal Assistants
Training for Personal Assistants
Costs for Personal Assistants
Application to join the scheme for Personal Assistants

What is the role of the Personal Assistant?

A personal assistant plays an important role in the community. PA's offer all sorts of services to their clients including cleaning, food preparation, shopping, personal care, gardening, pet care and many other jobs that people require.

As a PA you can:

  • Choose what services you wish to offer.
  • You may become Employed by a client or you can be Self-Employed.
  • The majority of PA's choose to be self-employed
  • If you are self-employed you must register with HMRC and may be required by a client to evidence that fact.

Benefits of joining the scheme for Personal Assistants

Anyone can set up as a Personal Assistant. You do not need to be approved by the Council but there are benefits to being approved under the Support With Confidence scheme for both the Personal Assistant and the service user.

Support with Confidence in Bracknell Forest is designed for individual PAs to register as care providers. We can accept companies to the register who are agencies registered with the CQC. Other companies who are not registered with the CQC are required to apply to register each individual self-employed care worker. 

For the personal assistant the benefits of being on the Support With Confidence are as follows:

The Support With Confidence website allows you to state which days or times of the day you can work so that people who are searching on the website will know in advance when you are available. Support With Confidence allows you to fit your work around your own life and that of your family and is flexible enough for you to be able to pick up extra work as your circumstances change.

We will provide a comprehensive training programme which will give you the skills and confidence you need to carry out your job effectively. It will also ensure that you know what to do in an emergency or who to contact if there are any problems. Training will help to protect you from injury as it will include showing you the correct way of offering physical support to your employer so that you don’t put yourself in any danger. Your training will give you a good basic introduction to social care work so if you choose to go on and study further you will already have covered the basic foundation.

Once you have completed the training programme, we will put your details on the website so that you can advertise your services. People who are searching for a Personal Assistant will be able to see these and if they think you may be able to help them, invite you for an interview. Bracknell Forest Council will assess those looking for care, then give money to those who are eligible for funding to spend on care and will steer them and those who want to self-fund towards Support With Confidence. By advertising through this scheme, you are more likely to find work which means more choice and flexibility for you.

We want to make sure you are confident in what you are doing and feel able to carry out your duties without any problems. Once you find work, you will be employed by the person paying for you but as a Support With Confidence Personal Assistant, Action for People and Bracknell Forest Council will continue to support you and give you help and advice on any aspects of your job should you need it.

How it works for Personal Assistants

Once you are registered on the website, people who are buying their own care will be able to select the details of someone who lives near to them that can provide the services they are looking for.

They will then contact you to arrange to meet you and discuss their situation, and then if you are suitable, offer you the job.

How will I get paid?
You will be paid by the service user. 

Can I work for more than one service user?
You may be paid different rates by different clients. The Support With Confidence scheme is flexible so you can let potential clients know which days or parts of days you are available and fit work around your own life.

Will I have to give my full name and address on the website?
No you don’t need to give your full name but you can if you want to. We will not be publishing addresses on the website but we will need to say which area you will be able to work in so that the service user is able to choose someone who lives near to them.

It is helpful to provide a contact telephone number but an email address is sufficient and may be more helpful in some cases ie for someone with a hearing impairment.

Can I say which services I will or won’t do?
Obviously we are looking for people to be as flexible as possible in order to provide a wide range of services, but if there is something in particular you feel you can offer you can specify that on the website i.e. shopping or dog walking services. That way the service user will know how you can help them. If you decide later that you can offer more, we can change your website entry as your circumstances change.

Training for Personal Assistants

Full training and DBS checks when joining Support with Confidence is currently - FREE.

Support With Confidence is a unique scheme that offers peace of mind to people wishing to employ a Personal Assistant. The scheme offers training, undertakes enhanced DBS (which replaced CRB) and reference checks and places Personal Assistants who have successfully met the requirements of the scheme on a directory of providers. All Approved Personal Assistants are issued with a numbered certificate as proof of their Approved status.

What training is included?
The training that this scheme provides for Personal Assistants includes:

  1. Your personal development
  2. Duty of care
  3. Equality and diversity
  4. Work in a person centred way              
  5. Communication
  6. Privacy and dignity
  7. Fluids and nutrition
  8. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
  9. Safeguarding adults
  10. Safeguarding children
  11. Basic life support
  12. Health and safety
  13. Handling information
  14. Infection prevention and control

All of the Personal Assistants approved by this Scheme must meet standards covering Promotion of Users’ Rights, Confidentiality, Independence and Risk.  Approved Personal Assistants are required to sign up to Terms and Conditions as well as codes of conduct.

An Approved Assistant

  • All training, checks and vetting are provided by Action for People
  • Being on the SWC database of Approved Personal Assistants will help potential service users to find you.
  • As an Approved Personal Assistant all the necessary checks will have been carried out in advance by the Action for People. This will save you and your employer time as well as money.
  • Finally, by achieving Approved status you show commitment to and evidence of adhering to high professional standards in social care. This gives you a distinct advantage over other candidates.

To find out more about training:

Costs for Personal Assistants

Personal Assistants (including assistants who don't offer personal care) - There is no charge for Personal Assistants to join the Support with Confidence scheme. There is also no charge for the training you can have to join the scheme.
Application to join the Support with Confidence team for Personal Assistants

From cooking or cleaning, helping with shopping or bathing, to odd jobs or transport – providers and Personal Assistants who offer care or support at a client's home or in the community can now apply for approved status as a member of the Support With Confidence scheme.

Support With Confidence in Bracknell Forest will enable residents to search a growing database of approved members.

The application process
Simply complete the application form and post it to us with your supporting documents.

As part of the scheme, the application process will include:

  • the necessary checks on your background and any criminal records
  • request for references
  • meeting you and discussing your application
  • registering you with the scheme – subject to undertaking training and satisfying the application process.

Application fees to join Support With Confidence

  • Personal Assistants (including assistants who don't offer personal care) – free of charge.

Application Form

Forms can be completed online and emailed through to  or completed by hand and sent to Action For People, PO Box 4005, Swindon, SN2 9HD

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