Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct and information for consumers

Increasing consumer confidence by recognising and promoting
businesses committed to trading lawfully, safely and fairly

The Code
This Code sets out the general principles of Support With Confidence; it forms part of the membership requirements.

Providers undertake to:

  • undertake only those activities for which they are qualified, experienced and have appropriate equipment
  • comply with the legislation applicable to their business and activity undertaken
  • trade fairly, openly and honestly recognising the rights of consumers
  • abide by safeguarding principles

Providers and particularly those providing personal services, must protect the rights of customers by:

Treating each person as an individual

  • Respecting and promoting the person’s individual views and wishes
  • Supporting the person’s right to control their lives and make informed choices about the services they receive
  • Respecting and maintaining the dignity and privacy of the person
  • Promoting equal opportunities for the person and respecting diversity and different cultures and values

Providers, and particularly those providing personal services, must strive to establish and maintain the trust and confidence of customers by:

  • Being honest and trustworthy
  • Communicating in an appropriate, open, accurate and straightforward way
  • Respecting confidential information
  • Being reliable and dependable
  • Honouring work commitments, agreements and arrangements to provide services and where it is not possible to do so explaining why

The full Terms and Conditions of membership together with Guidance notes explaining what businesses need to do to meet the terms and conditions are available on the website.

Information for consumers

All businesses listed on the Support With Confidence and Buy With Confidence website have been audited by officers from the council where the business is based.

Listed businesses are members of either Buy With Confidence or have met the additional requirements and are members of Support with Confidence.

Businesses meeting the Support With Confidence standard display the specific logo.

They are required to comply with the terms and conditions of membership as set out on the website at all times. The additional requirements of the Support With Confidence membership include

1) Where the business carries out regulated activity the person providing the service will have an Enhanced Disclosure Certificate (an enhanced DBS check)

2) They will have safeguarding procedures in place

However members of the Buy With Confidence scheme who regularly carry out work in their customers homes will also have a Basic Disclosure Certificate.

If you are a budget holder receiving funds from the council you may need ensure that the people you use have Enhanced Disclosure Certificates. We will tell you if this applies.

If you decide to use a business from the scheme you will be entering into a contract with them and not your local authority or Trading Standards South East Ltd.

We will make reasonable efforts, including monitoring customer comments and carrying out audits and reviews, to check that businesses comply with the terms of the scheme and treat customers safely and fairly but occasionally things may go wrong.

In particular we do not:

  • Guarantee the financial status of any business
  • Accept any liability for any goods or services provided by any business
  • Guarantee the quality or condition of any goods or services provided by any business
  • Guarantee that the price of goods and services supplied is competitive relative to any other business.