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Blue Badge Scheme
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Blue Badge Scheme
Information below has been obtained through the Bracknell Forest Council website pages here

Information on Blue Badges

The Department for Transport (DfT) reformed the way in which Local Authorities issues blue badges from February 2012. The eligibility criteria was changed which means that if you are not automatic criteria you may not be entitled to a blue badge even if you had one before and the Local Authority now have to order the blue badges through a supplier chosen by the DfT so they cannot be made up at Bracknell Forest Council.

Who is eligible for a badge?

There are two types of Eligibility

Type One: The ‘Eligible without further assessment’ criterion

• People who may be issued with a badge without further assessment are those who are more than two years old and fall within one or more of the following descriptions:

• Receives the Higher Rate of the Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance (HRMCDLA)

• Is registered blind; or

• Receives a War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement (WPMS)

• Has been both awarded a lump sum benefit at tariffs 1 to 8 of the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and certified as having a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty in walking

Type Two: ‘Eligible subject to Further Assessment’ criterion

People who would be considered eligible subject to further assessment are those who are more than two years old and fall within one or more of the following descriptions:

• Drives a vehicle regularly, has a severe disability in both arms, and is unable to operate, or has considerable difficulty in operating, all or some types of parking meter;

• Is unable to walk or has very considerable difficulty in walking because of a permanent and substantial disability.

In addition, children under the age of two may be eligible for a badge if they fall within either or both of the following descriptions:

  • A child who has a condition that requires that they be always accompanied by bulky medical equipment which cannot be carried around with the child without great difficulty;
  • A child who has a condition that requires that they must always be kept near a motor vehicle so that they can, if necessary, be treated for that condition in the vehicle or taken quickly in the vehicle to a place where they can be so treated.

If you are under the Type One criteria this will take 20 working days from receipt of payment and all relevant paperwork.

If you are under the Type Two criteria this can take up to 40 working days.

How to apply for a badge?

Please request an application form at least two months before your blue badge is due to expire:-

Blue Badge Administration
Bracknell Forest Council
Adult Social Care, Health & Housing
2nd Floor North
Time Square
Market Street
RG12 1JD

Tel: 01344 351464

or please fill in the following link to request an application form to be sent to you Request for a Blue Badge form.

or you can call into Time Square to pick up an application form.

Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 09:30 – 15:30

The parking concessions available to badge holders

It is down to the badge holder to use your Blue Badge properly. The badge and its concessions are just for your use. It is a criminal offence for you or anyone else to misuse your badge, and it can lead to a £1,000 fine. Making sure that the scheme is not abused will benefit genuine badge holders, such as yourself.

If you are using the parking concessions as a passenger, you should make sure that the driver is aware of all the rules set out in the ‘The Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England’ available from the Department for Transport website or the copy that was sent to you with your blue badge.

A map of disabled parking spaces in Bracknell Town Centre is available:

Buy with Confidence

Information below has been obtained through the Bracknell Forest Council website pages here please follow this link  for latest list of approved suppliers.


The Buy with Confidence scheme helps consumers avoid rogue traders by providing a list of reputable local businesses. Approved traders have been checked by Trading Standards staff to ensure their trustworthiness and compliance with the law.

A list of all traders registered on the scheme nationally are on the Buy with Confidence website.


Membership is open to any business within the area of Bracknell Forest. Our document about the scheme gives information on the commitment involved, requirements for membership and fees. You can apply to become a member of the scheme on the Buy With Confidence website.

Useful Websites

Bracknell iHub
This directory is for everyone who lives and works in and around Bracknell. If you use adult social care, health care or other help and support services, if you fund your own support, or simply wish to find out more about what services and events are provided in your local community, you can find all the information and advice in one place.